Perago-Wales provides end to end business transformation services, leadership support and organisation analysis to help you connect with your users and create services based on their needs.   Based in South Wales our team has extensive experience of digital transformation in the public sector.  We can help you create the right environment to focus on the impact of change and open up the opportunities that thinking differently about digital brings for your organisation and users

Our Approach

We understand that transformation is about more than technology, it's about a whole organisation its users and its people. We work at board level and with change teams on whole organisation discoveries - breaking down complex business models to create a roadmap for delivery. Our team has delivered organisation and service transformation in the public sector and knows the challenges and what’s needed to succeed

Our Experience

From delivering stand alone services to full organisational transformation, we have the experience to help you change the way you work and deliver for your users.  We have proven, structured delivery methodologies that help teams understand the entire organisational environment and develop roadmaps for change that are sustainable and scalable.  Our experience encompasses agile delivery, programme management, people and culture change, engagement and working across complex political and organisational landscapes.  This means that we are able to deliver change that works for your organisation, users and  stakeholders.