Perago-Wales can help you establish scalable, agile delivery environments that give you the best chance of success. We collaborate and create teams and ways of working that deliver sustainable change at all levels of an organisation, typically starting with the creation of a roadmap covering skills development and a services migration path.  

From developing the roadmap to managing the delivery, our services can help to manage the dependencies and conflicting priorities across these very different working practices, helping you ensure that your change is properly planned out and managed, minimising risk to core service delivery.  Using proven methodologies to underpin our work, we ensure that your transformation is both sustainable and repeatable.

Our services are available as full, end to end transformation services or as individual, stand-alone components of your organisation's change programme. We know that no two organisations are the same.  Each has its own people, requirements, business context, technology and constraints.  We offer a flexible approach to service provision that focuses on your objectives and your business.