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Introducing Chris

Hi! I’m Chris.   I have just joined Perago as a Communications Manager. And I’ve not stopped smiling yet.   It’s a great feeling when you start a new job. The excitement, the thought of meeting new colleagues, learning about new things and new ways of working, looking for opportunities to make your mark and add value – though […]

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Repairing the repairs service at Richmond Housing Partnership

Since joining Perago in October, I’ve been working with Richmond Housing Partnership (RHP), a housing association in South West London, to improve their responsive repairs service. This is the third project Perago have worked with RHP on over the past few months and I was thrilled to have joined just at the right moment to lead on it.   RHP had identified the opportunity […]

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Introducing Jess

Hello! I’m Jess, Perago’s new Service Design and Research Lead. With the demand for user centred service design skills growing in Wales, I’m really thrilled to have joined at this exciting time. I’m a public servant at heart, having worked in digital and design roles across 5 central government departments in the past 5 years. […]

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September with Perago (in Swansea!)

As you might have guessed from the title, I am indeed finally in Swansea! I spent the first half of September in London and the rest of the month in Swansea but I’m still working from home, due to COVID-19, but it’s great to have a change of scenery. It’s also been incredibly helpful with […]

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Month One with Perago

Sunmi Believe it or not, a whole month has gone by. I’ve been working with Perago for only a month, yet I have already learnt so much. Working from home has been surreal but also a good experience and although I’ve been working from a different location from the team, communication has been really good […]

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