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Regular readers of our blog will know that we created Perago back in 2017 from a shared commitment to improving services, user centered service design, challenging the status quo and doing more than just talking about what should be done; getting on and delivering.

We are fortunate to have worked on complex, high profile digital transformations. We’ve been involved from the initial planning and design through to the hard end of delivery with the decisions and challenges that brings. We’ve seen what works and we’ve been in the thick of it when things have gone wrong. We’d describe ourselves as digital change delivery specialists. From leadership and programme management to communications and engagement and hands on project delivery.

It’s about people

From a definition perspective we often talk with clients about what transformation, change and digital actually mean. The terms digital and IT are often used interchangeably, but digital transformation is more than just technology. It’s designing services around the needs of users, it’s creating an organisation with the culture and skills for change to succeed. It’s about people.  

That means that communications professional and communication teams need to be at the forefront of organisational transformation. But as comms professionals do we have the experience, knowledge and skills to really help organisations transform?

All elements of change

Working with individuals and organisations on change and communications delivery common themes arise around working in an environment where change and transformation are gaining in both pace and intensity. As a result we have developed a two day programme that focuses on change for communicators, whilst exploring all elements of change. The two days will cover:

  • the definition of change and transformation
  • how we manage and respond to change at a personal and organisational level
  • personal resilience through change
  • the change process
  • an introduction to change methodology including project management techniques and agile change methodology
  • using change techniques in communication delivery
  • communicating change internally and externally
  • practical application and best practise inspiration

Keeping it real

Whilst we will cover tips and tools for delivering change communications, this programme has been developed from our hands on delivery experience. You’ll hear about some of the lessons we’ve learnt and we’ll share case studies around change communications, but we’ll also give you time to try out new techniques, share ideas and experiences and reflect on your personal learning and aspirations. We want to help you work effectively with change delivery colleagues to deliver successful change communications.

This isn’t a large scale programme, we keep the sessions small on purpose, with a maximum of 12 delegates. This allows us to build a safe, supportive environment to make sure that everyone gets the most out of their time with us.

Location, location, location

We asked Twitter where you would most like to see us launch our training programme and there were loads of brilliant suggestions that we hope to follow up on in 2020. As far as the poll went Cardiff and Birmingham came top so that’s where we’re starting! We’ll be launching ‘Change for Communicators’ on 24 and 25 February 2020 in the lovely, grade II listed, Y Hen Lyfrgell, slap bang in the centre of Cardiff and easily accessible by public transport and by car.  On 9 and 10 March 2020 we’ll be heading over to Birmingham to thestudio , again in the heart of the city and easily accessible.  

We’d love to see you at one of these, and please keep an eye out for future dates.  We’d also love to talk to you about delivering our programme in house to help your team really support organisational transformation.

Book your place now!

Tickets are available now via Eventbrite at £350 plus VAT.  The cost covers the two day programme, refreshments and lunch on both days plus some much sought after Perago goodies and a certificate of completion. There are only 12 places available on each programme so book your place here:


Change for communicators booking


Change for communicators booking


Change for communicators booking


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