Month One with Perago


Believe it or not, a whole month has gone by. I’ve been working with Perago for only a month, yet I have already learnt so much. Working from home has been surreal but also a good experience and although I’ve been working from a different location from the team, communication has been really good between us. This month has been jam-packed with lots of different projects going on. I attended a webinar ran by Vicki Spencer-Francis MD of Cowshed about returning back to office spaces after the effects of lockdown, which was very interesting. It helped tremendously with my brief on finding a potential new office space for Perago and gave me more insight into looking for a space that would be social distancing friendly.

This month Perago was involved with a joint pitch presentation for a new piece of work. This meant I was able to sit in front of a panel (virtually!) and witness how a pitch would usually take place as well as being given the role of controlling the presentation slides. It was really cool to see how a pitch would normally take place but in virtual form and how everyone was able to adapt and still run a fantastic panel. I was also able to sit in on a sprint planning and sprint review session with Welsh Water and was able to learn the meanings of technical terms used during a discovery, alpha, beta and live stage. I’ve also been involved with some work for Centre for Digital Public Services Wales (CDPS). This has also allowed me to understand the importance of agile ways of working and user-stories as well as doing further reading from the service manual. Understanding these ways of working would really help me in future projects and would improve my mode of working with the team, so I’m really excited to begin implementing them in any way I can! We’ve also been working closely with Cowshed to create a brand and website for CDPS which has also been really fascinating. It’s great seeing how much thought and detail goes into every decision to make sure it’s accessible to users and of good quality.

As well as this, I have also been overseeing the recruitment process for a new Service Designer/ User Researcher to join the team, which has been very insightful. This has been done through advertisement through Perago’s social media presence on LinkedIn and Twitter. I’m looking forward to being more involved in Perago’s website and social media presence in the upcoming months. I’ve also been introduced to FreeAgent to learn about invoicing and finances of the company and will hopefully be able to take over that role once I get used to it. I’m currently working from home in London (which does have its challenges!) but the team have made me feel very welcome despite the distance. The use of Microsoft Teams has been extremely helpful as it provides not only video services but online quick chats that have been a great way to communicate with the team.

I’ll be moving to Swansea sometime next month and will hopefully be able to meet up with the team, as soon as it’s safe to do so! I’m looking forward to what I’m going to learn in this next month with upcoming projects and be able to help the team!

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