What’s next? Change and Covid19

Thinking about our way out of lockdown, fearful of the impact of a second wave, trying to understand behaviours and messaging. Wherever you are right now the last few months are likely to have been a bit of a rollercoaster. Whilst some of us will have been busier than ever, others will have had time to stop and reflect.  There will be things we want to keep about this shift in our lifestyles and things we will want to leave behind. What is certain is that we have adapted in so many ways that would have felt almost impossible as the clocks rolled from 2019 into 2020 just a few short months ago.   

The ‘permission’ that the impact of Covid19 has given us to try new things has been a gift for digital transformation and change. Thinking differently about how we do thinghas been essential.  For some that ‘different’ has been life saving, for others it has been life enhancing.

Prior to lockdown my son had a packed weekly schedule. School, football, guitar, drama, Xbox (sadly not in that order of priority). Lockdown came and school stopped. Football stopped. But very quickly drama and guitar went on line. Shortly followed by school – to an extent. Football, as a contact sport, was the only activity not to make the shift, but he’s replaced with other exercise in an attempt to keep fitness levels up.  Some activities have thrived remotely. Weekly drama classes via Zoom have included link ups to film and stage stars and industry experts that wouldn’t have happened from a hall in Swansea. Online friendships have been made with tasks completed over Zoom and scenes acted out and created with editing software and a little imagination. 

One way or another we will all have experienced these changes in both our personal and professional lives. Changes that have made things better despite the circumstances we have found ourselves in. Our responsibility is now to take that momentum and create a different future rather than just look for opportunities to go back to how things have always been. 

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be publishing a series of blog posts to share some of our learning and thinking that can support change at an organisationalservice and individual level. These will include: 

  • Leadership and strategy – repositioning the here, the now and the future 
  • Remote delivery – agile through a computer screen 
  • Prioritisation – finding a way through the noise 
  • Collaboration – an opportunity to work beyond boundaries  
  • Communicating with colleagues through change – re-establishing the priorities  

Theres a huge amount of learning to share and an even bigger opportunity to change the way services are delivered across Wales. The challenges are no doubt considerable as organisations make their way through whatever this new world will be. If you think the team here at Perago can be of help then please get in touch.  We’d be happy to chat.  

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